Sara Flitner

Owner & Founder

Sara has more than 20 years of experience in collaborative problem solving, organizational leadership, and authentic communication. She is a trained and certified mediator and a strong believer in the practice of mindfulness at home, in the workplace, and around the community. A native of Shell, Wyoming, graduate of University of Wyoming, and former mayor of Jackson Hole, she is passionate about and deeply connected to her home state and the wellbeing of its economy, its wildlife, and her fellow citizens.

Sara is an avid skier and yogi, an enthusiastic mountain biker, and terrible at fishing. She loves being outside with her family and their many dogs, reading, and anything that makes her laugh out loud. She is currently working on her first book on civility and compassion as building blocks for thriving communities.



Nice things people said


…a tireless advocate for her clients, can read a room in a heartbeat, can work with all kinds of people and groups.

Governor Dave Freudenthal


Sara’s energy, integrity and passion come through in every conversation – and resulting deliverable – which makes her such a great partner to work with.

Barb Mathison, E.D., Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison


She gets it done — and in a nice way.

Bill Newton, Private Investor


…one of the most intelligent, insightful, talented and astute people…has an inherent understanding of human nature, the smarts to overcome obstacles between people, and the tact to make all sides feel like they’ve won.

Dr. Maura Lofaro, Gros Ventre OBGYN


You meet people easily. You give an air of reassurance that you will sincerely hear all perspectives. You are smart. You are experienced. You are honest.



Sara is generating a timely and consequential conversation about how we view, from the human perspective, each other, our roles, conduct and self awareness. Sara Flitner tends the garden
of greater good. 

Don Frank, Jackson Town Council and Owner Dembergh Construction


…immediate positive impact…invaluable and indispensable, especially in difficult situations…a master at effectively creating and paving the conditions for success.

Nate Sandvig, EDF Renewables


…an extraordinary individual…she connects very well with small and large audiences. Her track record of success is matched by her high energy level.

Bill Schilling, President, Wyoming Business Alliance


…pragmatic, innovative, out of the box creative…

Carol Gonella, Attorney and former
co-board member