Becoming Jackson Whole



Our goal is to create a more resilient community. Specifically, we hope that by 2037, the majority of Jackson Hole residents are proficient in emotional intelligence, self awareness, and civility, resulting in meaningful outcomes.


The Problem


Everywhere we look, Jackson Hole included, good people with good intentions fail to solve problems. We are overwhelmed by everyday stressors. Our coping skills are inadequate, so we turn our stress outward, defending our positions and throwing bombs instead of engaging in genuine communication and effective problem solving. The result is a lack of civility. This lack of civility has a toxic effect on our workplaces, institutions, schools, and families. It is exhibited by a myriad of symptoms – from poor staff morale and employee absenteeism to teen substance abuse, depression and anxiety.


The Response


Becoming Jackson Whole was inspired by the outpouring of science supporting social-emotional learning and mindfulness-based interventions as an antidote to a lack of civility. An increasing body of research connects mindfulness practices with improvements in stress-related conditions, depression and anxiety, performance, and ability to maintain calm and poise. With better tools for dialogue, self-awareness, civility, and collaboration, we can realize our vision.


The Approach


In partnership with Foundation for a Mindful Society, national experts in the science of mindfulness, and local leaders from Jackson Hole, former Mayor Sara Flitner is pioneering an effort to build an emotionally skilled community. This is a model for an entire community, which can eventually be replicated in other places.


The Vision


To foster and nurture skillful leaders at every level of the Jackson community. To increase resilience, flourishing with science-based skill-building in schools, civic organizations, and local businesses. To build a flourishing community in Jackson and then share that template with other towns, cities, and communities in America.


We are now in Phase One of the Becoming Jackson Whole initiative. To take part in our community-wide research, which will help us to create a Needs Assessment and Systems Map, click through to our anonymous survey here: